Dear Democrats, Stop Talking About Who Should Run for POTUS in 2024!

Joy D'Angelo
8 min readAug 12, 2022
Collage of the Democrat Symbol and a hand writing the word “Focus” with the words “American democracy” written across the hand. All words are in blue.

While watching one of the Sunday morning talk shows I heard democratic operatives engage in a solid five minutes of conversation about whether or not our current President, Joe Biden, should run for office in 2024. Dear God, what is wrong with these people? Did they not see what happened on January 6th? Do they not pay attention to what Republican-controlled state legislators are trying to do to election laws across the country?

This question about whether or not Biden should run in 2024 is a discussion that should be cut off at the knees whenever it comes up. Why? If this year the democrats don’t win key state elections of the governor, attorney general, and secretary of state, as well as hold the House and expand their numbers in the Senate, it’s not going to matter who runs in 2024. The Republicans will have a fait accompli setup to sweep the 2024 elections — and destroy U.S. democracy in the process.

How the U.S. Loses Everything If Dems Lose the Majority of 2022 Elections

As it stands right now, the Republicans have managed to gerrymander several key states in ways that, if the GOP-tilted Supreme Court hadn’t gutted the voting rights in 2013, would never stand up in court. Take, for instance, the new voting district map, drawn by Florida’s GOP Governor and apparent supporter of White Nationalism, Ron DeSantis. His Jim Crow 2.0 map was initially struck down in a Florida circuit court but was reinstated on appeal. A CNN analysis notes the following problem with the DeSantis map:

White residents are even more overrepresented than they had been under the previous lines. DeSantis’ new map sees White Floridians making up the majority in 68% of districts while representing 52% of the state population.

Several states have also managed to muddy the waters of free and fair elections within their state by removing both laws and people that helped stop the Trump attempt to block the certification of legally cast votes. The state of Georgia is one of the most notorious of these. They have removed their Attorney General from being the chair of the State Election Board. The current Attorney General, Republican Brad Raffensperger famously refused to find the “11,780…